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What is an annual gift to athletics and how can I give?
An annual gift is a pledge that is renewed on an annual basis. Each year during our scholarship drive you will be asked to renew your gift. As far as ways to give to Northern Arizona University Athletics, we always accept cash, check, Visa, and or MasterCard. Your gift will be acknowledged by receipt. Checks should be made payable to NAU Athletics. Credit card (Visa and MasterCard) donations are an easy way to contribute.

Are the scholarships already covered by the State of Arizona?
No, the State of Arizona provides the department with some funding. However, it will take approximately $2.65 million annually to fully fund our scholarships.

If I contribute to the Scholarship Fund and to your Corporate Partnership Program can I combine my contribution to receive a higher benefit level?
No, The Lumberjack Athletic Association Scholarship Fund benefit levels only recognize donors who are contributing to the annual fund. So, if you give $500 to the scholarship fund and $500 for a sign at our Volleyball venue your annual gift to scholarships is considered $500 and you will be recognized at our $500 benefit level.

In the past I have been a member of the Skyjacks, 3-Point Club, and the Quarterback Club. How will the consolidation affect my annual gift credit?
If in the past you gave $500 to each of the three groups you were being recognized for a $500 gift by three different clubs, and you were getting the benefits associated with the individual groups. Now, you will be recognized at a higher level one time. This will allow you a much greater return on your gift. (See Lumberjack Athletic Association brochure for more details)

How does the consolation of the Booster Clubs affect the individual sports?
For the most part it will not affect the majority of the sports. For those sports that had active clubs it will not have a negative impact.

If I want to give to athletics and want the money to benefit a particular sport can I designate where it goes?
Yes, you can choose which sport you want your contribution to go to. You simply will have to make note on your renewal form. All scholarship related annual gifts will count toward your benefit level and toward your seat location.

If I want to give to a particular sport and want the money to assist the program in other ways than scholarships, can I do that?
Yes, all gifts made to the Lumberjack Athletic Association that are marked for non-scholarship use will count toward your overall benefit level. However, only donations made for the intent to assist with scholarships will count toward your amount needed for your seat location. For example, if I want four seats in section T for football I must contribute at least $500 annually toward scholarships to obtain the right for those seats.

Has there been a big change in the benefit levels?
No, there have not been any major changes. There have been a few changes to ensure our members the ability to receive the maximum amount of tax-deductible benefit. For the most part, the changes were made out of necessity to abide by the federal tax laws. You might have noticed that your tax deductible portion of your Skyjack Membership has gone down this year. For the first time our members are getting an actual reflection of the cost to fulfill their gift. An example of how the change will help: In the past if I were to contribute $100 on an annual basis I would have received $116 worth of benefits. As a result there was no tax deductible benefit of being an annual contributor. With the new club the maximum amount allowed by the IRS will be tax deductible. According to the IRS you now will be allow to have 80% of your gift be deductible.

How do I improve my seat location?
If you are interested in improving your current seats, you may inquire about or request a new location by making a note on your renewal statement and including it with your payment.

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