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Men’s Basketball
Walk on Policy & Procedure

Attend Northern Arizona University because you want to get a degree from Northern Arizona, not just to play basketball. We evaluate not only on performance on the floor, but academic standing, character and chemistry with the current players on the team. References are required prior to trying out.

Requirements to Walk on:

1. It is required that anyone interested in walking on to the NAU Men’s Basketball team have competed in at least one of the following:
• 1 season of Varsity Basketball at their respective High School
• 1 Season of competitive basketball at a Junior College or University

2. It is the responsibility of the athlete to be certified and eligible through Northern Arizona University and the NCAA Eligibility Center prior to the tryout process.

3. Tryouts for every season begin on the first academic day of each school year.
NAU Basketball requirements and daily schedule:
- You are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8
- NAU Athletes must be in a minimum 12 credits, 15 credits recommended.
- All athletes must complete their daily classes by 2:00pm.
- Daily workouts start @ 2:30pm and finish around 3:30pm
- 4:00pm we begin work on the floor, individual workouts and Open gym.
- 6:00pm, workouts are complete and players go to Dinner
- Study Hall begins @ 7:00pm and it is required to study for a minimum 2 hours.

NAU coaches or managers will gather contact information from everyone interested in walking on to the program. A schedule will be put together notifying each candidate of the days and times they can come to the gym. Candidates are required to show up when they are scheduled.

*** The NAU Coaching Staff reserves the right to use their own discretion ***
in accepting athletes into the program.