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Northern Arizona University Sports Medicine Philosophy

Northern Arizona University Sports Medicine will be a model program in Division I sports medicine services.

The licensed athletic trainers, physicians, and service professionals that operate under the Department of Sports Medicine will perpetually act in the best interest of the student athlete. Northern Arizona University Sports Medicine will operate to serve the student athletes, the university, the community, and the profession of athletic training.

Our aim is to support student athletes not only on their path to graduation but in total wellness for a lifetime.

Our team of experts will use best practices supported by current evidence in clinical patient care, safety, and planning.

All staff will adhere to standards of care outlined by our governing bodies and regulatory authorities.

Our department will be inclusive of all groups and cognizant of the diversity of our athletic population.

We will continue to advance the profession of athletic training by maintaining the highest standards of education as clinical preceptors.

We will be ambassadors for Northern Arizona University beyond our affiliated work here and abroad.

We will better ourselves daily through learning, professional accomplishment, and development.  

We will celebrate our athletic training heritage and keep tradition alive through alumni support. We will forge and foster relationships with partners that enhance athletic healthcare with innovative research.

Northern Arizona University Sports Medicine will be guided by the mission of the Northern Arizona University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and will let the mission resonate in all of our efforts.