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Be Inspired By Dr. Derek Greenfield and Be NAU Strong

Be Inspired By Dr. Derek Greenfield and Be NAU Strong

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – The Northern Arizona Athletics Department had the honor of having Dr. Derek Greenfield come speak to Lumberjack student-athletes and staff earlier this week. Greenfield, who has a dynamic and interactive approach to diversity and inclusion, was a delight to have on campus.

Using various teaching methods, Dr. Greenfield had the athletics department participate in activities covering motivation, team building, and personal development.

"One of our core values and guiding principles for NAU Athletics is to provide education surrounding diversity and inclusion,” said Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA Tanya Vogel. “We were thrilled to welcome Dr. Greenfield to NAU and Flagstaff.”

On Sunday, Oct. 19, NAU student-athletes had the pleasure of listening to and interacting with Dr. Greenfield.

“Being able to listen to Dr. Greenfield was truly an eye opening experience,” said soccer student-athlete Natalie Gilbertson. “All of us as student-athletes figure that we are always going through the same struggles; we’re sore, we’re tired and we have our school work. However, Dr. Greenfield helped us realize that many of us are going through much harder individual struggles. He showed us that we are an NAU Athletics family and that we should not have to hide our struggles from each other but instead help each other with our problems. Dr. Greenfield inspired all of us on Sunday night to become stronger members of the NAU Athletics family and for that I am grateful.”

Dr. Greenfield stayed around on Monday to talk to the athletics staff. His message directly correlated with the mission statement of NAU. Words like inspire, pride, determination, hardworking were all felt around the room throughout his presentation. By the end of the speaking engagement, Dr. Greenfield felt enough energy in the room for him to be NAU Strong, as well.

“His message has helped inspire our students and staff to create an environment built upon respect for one another,” said Vogel. “Dr. Greenfield reminded us to appreciate and find strength in our differences.  Because of our differences - We are one NAU Family and we are NAU Strong!"