Q&A with Dancer Kaitlyn Rini

Q&A with Dancer Kaitlyn Rini

1. What's the best thing about being a dancer?

Performing on stage and getting in the moment

2. What's your favorite color?


3. What's your favorite song to dance to?

House Party

4. What age did you know that dancing was something you wanted to pursue?

Three years old

5. If you could have a dance named after you what would it be called?

The Rini Weenie

6. If you could choreograph a dance routine for a movie, who would you pick as the lead actor/actress?

Channing Tatum

7. Are you more likely to be found dancing in the rain, snow, or sunshine?


8. If you could be the lead dancer in a movie, which role would you choose?

Baby from Dirty Dancing

9. What's your favorite form of dancing?

I like them all!

10. Name three things that ultimately make the best dance outfit?

Rhinestones and more rhinestones

11. Would you rather take a selfie or be the one taking the photo?

Be the one taking the photo

12. Are you more likely to read a book or go to the movies?

Read a book

13. If you could trade places with a professor for a day, which class would you like to teach?

Creative writing

14. Where on campus do you spend the majority of your time?

In the HLC

15. What do you like the most about the NAU campus?

The trees and surrounding mountains