Q&A with Guard Torry Johnson

Torry Johnson
Torry Johnson

Q: You redshirted your first season at NAU. What was that like?

A: It was definitely a learning experience going from high school to college. Getting used to college life in general, and then getting weight lifting and practicing under my belt.


Q: You worked hard your first year at NAU getting in the weight room and learning the system. What part of your game benefited the most from that?

A: I would say what benefited the most was my confidence level. From the strength and conditioning to me knowing the plays and the expectations from Coach Murphy, it gave me the confidence level coming in and I know what I needed to do.


Q: What was it like to play your first collegiate game?

A: It was fun and a great experience. The first game was ta Washington State and I just so happened to play a good game.


Q: How hard was it for you to suffer a season-ending injury before the start of last season? What kept you mentally strong throughout the year?

A: It was definitely hard being injured at the beginning of the season. I was ready to have a great year and to have a season ending injury hurt. What kept me focused and uplifted was seeing the course and knowing that next year I have to keep with it and work hard.


Q: What in particular are you working on this offseason?

A: Mostly this offseason I am working on my leadership. Last year when Jaleni (Neely) went out, we lost a lot of leadership. This season we have a lot of guys that were underclassmen last year. I'll be one of the older guys on the team so I am expected to lead our group and guide us to a winning season.


Q: What are you looking forward to this upcoming season?

A: This season I'm looking forward to getting back on the court. Prior to this past season, I had never been through an injury that kept me out for the whole season. Having to go through that last year was different for me. I am ready to get back on the court because basketball is my first love.


Q: How has playing basketball helped you off the court?

A: Playing basketball has helped me mentally. It's a tough game. There are hard times and mental blocks that you'll go through. There are times when you will face adversity, and basketball has definitely helped me through those times.

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