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Tennis Teams Volunteering Time to Help Youth Development

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Over the past month, all of the members of the Northern Arizona men's and women's tennis teams have spent time assisting youth players in the Flagstaff Junior Tennis Academy (FJTA). Held at the Lumberjacks' home courts at Flagstaff Athletic Club East, team members have spent time with both the advanced and beginner/intermediate boys and girls groups to aid in their development and demonstrate a high-level of tennis to which the youth can aspire. Members of the FJTA have also been encouraged to attend Northern Arizona matches this season, bringing the various levels of tennis in the community closer together than ever before.

"Our players have come out and helped the kids learn new strokes and how to play the game by volunteering their time in the community," NAU director of tennis Kim Bruno said. "We've been able to help with all ages and all skill levels, and we've had a lot of fun coming out and showing the kids what we know and sharing with them the sport that we all love. It has been a good way for us to give back a little bit to the sport of tennis in the community."

The teams have predominately assisted with the development of grade-school age children in the community but have also played with adult players in Flagstaff in an effort to reach out to all ages and levels of tennis in the area. The FJTA holds clinics on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and are organized and led by Flagstaff Athletic Club's tennis pro Nicole Williams-Chambers. Many of the participants have been present at various NAU matches this season, in which Chambers provides them with work sheets and questionnaires to study the NAU players and learn what it takes to play at the collegiate level.

For more information regarding the Flagstaff Junior Tennis Academy at Flagstaff Athletic Club East, please contact Nicole Williams-Chambers at