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Daring Greatly with Kaitlyn Saum & Jon Gordon's "The Energy Bus"

Northern Arizona's Kaitlyn Saum
Northern Arizona's Kaitlyn Saum

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Northern Arizona University head golf coach Brad Bedortha makes it a priority for his golfers to read one book each semester as part of a learning process in order to help them become better athletes and people.  

Recently, though, we have been documenting the thoughts each golfer has put together regarding the specific book they have been pegged to read over the semester in the form of testimonial videos. This week, we feature now-senior golfer Kaitlyn Saum and her interpretations of a highly-recognized and revered book by Jon Gordon, "The Energy Bus."

Watch and listen to what Saum has to say about the book and its messages, especially as it relates to life and self-improvement. 

Here is the link to Saum's "The Energy Bus" book review: Daring Greatly with Kaitlyn Saum - "The Energy Bus."