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Guevara's Memoirs from Mexico: Soccer Blog Four

Guevara's Memoirs from Mexico: Soccer Blog Four

By Noel Guevara, Women's Soccer

MEXICO CITY, Mexico - Awaiting to arrive at the airport, I sit and reflect about this past week and my experiences. I let out a sigh of relief and the taxi driver turns around to look at me. I accomplished a lot this past week and I made it! I made it through the hard sessions of straight running and physical testing. I made it through the mountain experience and the experience of competing with high quality players.

What really did not hit me until I got my ticket to go back home is that I will miss Mexico. I will miss the girls that I met here, because in the past, the girls who were training with me disrespected me for being American. This time, the girls were trying to learn English! There were also a lot of Americans there to help as well. Oh and it was by far the best experience getting the opportunity to play soccer with my little sister, feeding me balls from left defender. The coaching was probably some of the best coaching I have ever been offered and it was well worth the trip. I will always have the trainer Medi in the back of my head during sprints and running exercises saying, "Con frequencia, con frequencia! Mas directo!"

This trip gave me a lot of respect for the Mexican culture as well. It made me really appreciate the food, which I know I will miss so much. The flavor and spices that they put into the food will always tickle my tongue. I also really respect the traditional values that Mexicans have and that they will always follow their morals and live their life following their religion.

In all, this experience was far better than the other times. I could not ask for anymore. I am so excited to be back home and I know I will enjoy my last few weeks of this semester as much as I can! Especially the last few weeks of spending it with my soccer team and the last few training opportunities together!


Picture courtesy of Noel Guevara (center)

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