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Q&A with Danny Muniz

Q&A with Danny Muniz

1. Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough

2. Favorite Music Artist: Luke Bryan

3. Favorite Soccer Team: Barcelona

4. Favorite Female Athlete: Alex Morgan

5. Favorite Soccer Player: Carles Puyol

6. Favorite Sport Other than Soccer? Rugby

7. If you were not playing soccer, what sport would you be playing? Taekwondo

8. Favorite Actor? Ashton Kutcher

9. Favorite Actress? Sandra Bullock

10. Favorite Movie? Grown Ups

11. Favorite TV Show? That 70's Show

12. One word to describe your teammates? Friendly

13. Who would your dream date be with? Cristiano Ronaldo

14. Would you rather be on the beach or go skiing? Beach

15. Favorite Book? My Sister's Keeper