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Q&A with Natalie Gilbertson

1. Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry
2. Favorite Music Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
3. Favorite Part of the Spain trip? The team bonding
4. Favorite Soccer team? Barcelona
5. Favorite Soccer Player? Neymar
6. Favorite Female Athlete? Abby Wambach
7. Favorite Sport Other than Soccer? Football
8. If you were not playing soccer, what sport would you be playing? Basketball
9. Favorite Actor? George Clooney
10. Favorite Actress? Jessica Biel
11. Favorite Movie? Sixteen Candles
12. Favorite TV Show? Gossip Girls
13. Describe your teammates? Hard-working
14. Who would your dream date be with? Bradley Cooper
15. Would you rather be on the beach or go skiing? Beach
16. Favorite Book? Nineteen Minutes
17. Favorite Vacation Destination? Calabria, Italy
18. Favorite Board Game? Scrabble