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NAU Cross Country Featured on the Big Sky Conference's "50 Greatest Moments"

NAU Cross Country Featured on the Big Sky Conference's "50 Greatest Moments"

OGDEN, Utah - The Big Sky Conference released the first edition of its "50 Greatest Moments" and 45th on the list is the Northern Arizona men's cross country team's second place finish at the NCAA national championships in 1988 and 1995.

"Two different teams with two different makeups, but the things they had in common was their camaraderie, and the amount of love that they had for one and other,'' said former head coach Ron Mann. "To this day, those athletes are still in communication with one another.''

The 1988 team featured Bo Reed who finished third with a time of 29:24 and Milfred Tewawina finished eighth with a time of 29:41. Other members of that team were Cameron Mitchell (42nd NCAA finish), Daren Stonerock (51st), Scott Pestka (110th), Vinve Firlotte (120th) and Eric Grubbs (184th). Northern Arizona finished runner-up that year with 160 points. Wisconsin won the meet with 105 points.

The 1995 team featured Jama Bile who finished 20th at the meet with a time of 31:23, Tim and Theo Martin finished 30th and 32nd, respectively, and John Howell was 33rd. Following Howell was Jim Cera (82nd), Matt Smith (92nd) and Ryan Ferguson (160th). Northern Arizona finished second with 142 points. Arkansas won the meet with 100 points.

Full List of Moments 45- 50.

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