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Meet the Shraders

Meet the Shraders

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Northern Arizona University's athletic communications department caught up with cross country athletes Brian Shrader and Jamie Shrader to ask a few questions. Find out more about the sibling teammates by checking out the Q&A below!

What was it like growing up in Flagstaff, AZ?

Brian:  Flagstaff is a pretty small town so a big part of our lives was playing sports and being competitive. There's not much else to do here.

Jamie: We were always outside with friends, I always remember Brian playing football with the neighbors. My dad would always have us travelling too.

Is there any sibling rivalry?

Brian: I don't know if it's exactly sibling rivalry. For us it's always been a little different since I'm the only boy in the family so it's hard to have too much of a rivalry with my sister. My older sister is a nurse now and I've always compared my academics to her's and I'm sure Jamie does the same to me.

Jamie: We were always competing to be each other's favorite between Brian, my oldest sister and I. So it's always just like the fun kind of rivalry and not so much the angry.

What got you two into running?

Brian: It's really random no one in my family has run competitively before. I can't remember a single time my parents just went for a run in my life. When I got to high school I tried track instead of baseball just for the heck of it and it took off from there. I remember it was kind of hard telling my dad but it definitely paid off.

Jamie: My freshman year of high school I got into track just because my friends and Brian were doing it. Then my high school coach told me to get more into running so I started cross country sophomore year.

What was it like running together at Sinagua High School?

Brian: Sinagua was interesting only because Jamie wasn't that serious about running at that point. It was really fun having her there at the meets because it was more us hanging out and not as intense.

Jamie: I wasn't really that serious about it; it was more me running with the guys and goofing off because we didn't really have a girls' team there. It was just really fun always seeing him at practice.

What is it like now running together on the collegiate level?

Brian: It's unexpected, no offense to her I didn't think she would ever run in college. Then I went off to Oregon and she started running for Flagstaff High and did super well and she just kept getting better. Next thing you know I happen to transfer to NAU and she was able to make the team here. It's really nice because at Oregon I did miss my family a lot and now I get to see a piece of it every day.

Jamie: Now that I'm actually serious about running it helps knowing that he's there and can give me advice. It helps a lot to see how successful he is because it just makes me want to be right there with him. Especially since we have the same last name, everyone expects me to be like him.

If we ask your parents, who would they say was the trouble maker in your younger years?

Jamie: Brian (laughs)!

Brian: No question it would be Jamie. My parents called her "the devil child" because she was really mean. There is a home video of her picking on me. I was very boring as a child (laughs).

What is the most embarrassing moment you can remember about Jamie/Brian?

Brian: She always had a history of running away. There was one time she got mad us and we had no idea where she was. My whole family is running around the neighborhood and calling everyone looking for her. We eventually found her in the garage hiding under some desks.

Jamie: Because whenever they wouldn't pay attention to me I would get so mad (laughs). You're going to have people thinking I'm crazy (laughs).

Brian: You are (laughs)!

Jamie: I was following him running up the stairs at Sinagua and as he ran his pants split right up his butt (laughs).

What are you most proud of when it comes to Brian/Jamie?

Jamie: When I heard he was transferring to NAU I was really worried because I knew how successful he could've been at Oregon. I'm just really proud he decided to stick with what he wanted. That one change has brought him so much success. I get really excited and proud of him when I read about him in the headlines and on FloTrack and stuff.

Brian: I am proud she is able to run for her. Growing up she's always had the unfair expectations that she has to run like me. Just to see that she has dealt with those expectations and been able to make her own name is what I'm most proud of.

Who's the better dancer between you two?

Jamie: Brian, he showed some dance moves at my sister's wedding (laughs).

Brian: I can't even remember the last time I danced so I'm going to assume she's better (laughs).

Who do you look up to?

Brian: My high school coach Bo Reed, he really taught me everything I know about running as well as so many pieces of life advice I use to this day. Also my family especially my dad. He raised me to be who I am. It's funny now that I'm older I look at my dad and realize I have a lot more in common with him than I thought.

Jamie: Both of my high school coaches Trina Painter and Bo Reed. They both have been to the D1 collegiate level and they know what I'm going through and are always there to help me. I look up to my sister because of how successful she has been as well as my parents and brother because they are always there for me.